Suzy Newman, Integrative Therapist and Director, School of Healing Arts

In my private practice in Denver Colorado and at The Estuary, in Nashville Tennessee, as an Integrative Pastoral Counselor, I recognize that disease, or dis - ease,  first happens on the energetic and emotional levels and that healing must address both of these to be effective.  I assist clients in learning new skills,  along with learning to live in the present, rather than by recycling the historic wounds that contribute to current pain and emotional discomfort. I combine this with a variety of healing modalities in my integrative and holistic approach to health and healing.

“We keep covering ourselves up emotionally with depression, stress and anxiety and lose our joy and happiness.  My passion is to help people find their inner sense of joy, peace and fulfillment. The already present treasures within!” –Suzy Newman-

I offer individuals and couples a combination of talk therapy and the opportunity to do experiential work as well.  Having the ability to do both provides the opportunity to move more quickly through their process as it is engages the entire person, mind, body and spirit in  a more holistic approach.

You will:

  • experience a growing sense of wholeness and calm 
  • be able to make better choices 
  • aquire new skills to create the life you have always wanted