About Suzy Newman

Suzy Newman has been helping clients at The Estuary since 2001, as an Integrative  Counselor. In addition, her spiritual values and interests led her to pursue post graduate work at Vanderbilt Divinity School. A strong advocate for women and children, Suzy has served as Board President for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). Her interest and experience in the peaceful resolution of family transitions led her to become a trained Rule 31 Family Mediator. Since 2004, Suzy has served as an educator for The School of Healing Arts and is currently the Director.

Suzy is originally from Chicago and has spent most her adult life in Nashville Tennessee.  She is currently opening an additional practice in Denver Colorado. She loves to stay active and enjoys being outdoors whenever possible.  She is the mother of 3  grown children.

Suzy provides a non-judgmental place/space for her clients to heal the pain from their past.  She also helps them learn new skills, and provides them with new tools to create a better life going forward.


Suzy enjoys working with couples and individuals and has training from the Gottman Institute as well as an externship with Dr Sue Johnson, creator of Emotionally Focused Thereapy(EFT..A systematic and powerfully efffective approach in enpowering couples to reduce conflict  and distance, and create a more loving and secure bond). Also, group therapy is of great interest to Suzy and she has trained in psychodrama with Tion Dayton. Suzy completed the 7-year training program at the School of Healing Arts. During her course of study she completed 3 years of Auric Healing training, 3 years of training in Kabbalistic Healing and a year-long internship.  

Dedicated to her profession, she continues to seek educational opportunities and professional mentoring in the form of ongoing Supervision.